Sierra automatsikring, 60 AMP.

Vanntett automatsikring som kan bli brukt som bryter eller sikring.

Maks. Volt: 42 VDC

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Sierra bensinfilter (innsatsfilter) for Volvo/OMC -  20 Micron

To Posisjons bryter "Off-On"
To 10MM x 1.5MM  terminaler
For skottykkelse maks 31mm
Polyester huset er rust og korrosjonssikkert
Løs Nøkkel.

Kontinuerlig belastning 350 Amp
Kortvarig belastning: 500 Amp

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Sierra tenningslås for Yamaha 703 kontrollboks. 2 & 4 taks motorer

Erstatter: 703-82510-12-00

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Membrane Touch Control Panels designed for the harsh Marine Environment
• Available in 6 Function and 10 Programmable Function backlit panels
• Ultra Compact panel size up to 60% smaller than traditional panels
• Easy to install; almost no mounting depth required
• Uses micro-USB cable instead of bulky cables
• Flexible wiring allows the control relay box to remote mount up to 1 meter away
from the touch panel
• Panel is IP67 rated
• LED- ON indication
• 10A Self-resettable fuse for each function
• Backlit push buttons allow for easy readability in the dark
• Uses very low standby current
• Programmable buttons allow each function to be programmed as a latching or momentary circuit
ideal for horn or wiper applications
• Includes a 60 piece assortment of graphic and text labels

Faceplate PET membrane touch panel
Circuit Protection: Built-in Resettable Fuse
Switch Ratings: 10A per function at 12VDC
Panel Rating: Max Cumulative Amp: 35A
Voltage Rating: 11-30VDC

Panel Dimensions: 91mm x 75mm
Control Box Dimensions: 136 x 90 x 32mm
Panel Cut-Out: 15mm hole

CE Certified
IP 67 Rated (Panel Only)

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Sierra jordingsskinne, 10 terminaler

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Sierra gnistsikker batteribryter, AV - PÅ

On-Off Function
48VDC Maximum Voltage Rating
M10 Stud Size
1250A Cranking Rating (10 Seconds)
455A Intermittent Rating (5 Minutes)
275A Continuous Rating
1 Battery Input, 2 Switch Positions
Tin-plated Copper Battery Studs

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Sierra gnistsikker batteribryter, 1 - 2 - BEGGE - AV

1-2-Both-Off Function
48VDC Maximum Voltage Rating
M8 Stud Size
1000A Cranking Rating (10 Seconds)
300A Intermittent Rating (5 Minutes)
200A Continuous Rating
1 Battery Input, 4 Switch Positions
Tin-plated Copper Battery Studs

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Tenningslås for Mercury/Mariner. 3 posisjoner, AV- PÅ - START.
Push to choke.

Mercury: 17009A5
Mercury: 87-17009A5

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Johnson/Evinrude 582399, 583408
CDI 153-3408, CDI1533408

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